02 marzo 2012

VIPcall #18 - 02.03.2012

Bill: Hey you, it´s Tokio Hotel and we´re calling you because we wanna answer another fan question today. 
Tom: Bill, what would you do if you fall in love with a fan?
Bill: Ehm... Well I don´t know. I don´t think it depends on if it´s a fan or if it´s not a fan. I don´t know. I think it could definitely happen. I think it could happen... you know... every day...
Tom: ... you like the same music so....
Bill: We like the same music yes. And I think it could work. I mean definitely. It could work with everyone. I mean if you´re in love and if you really wanna do it I think it could definitely work so.... I don´t know... I don´t think there is a difference if it´s the fan or it´s not a fan. I don´t know. So I really think it depends on the girl and it depends if you´re really in love or not... so... It could probably work out! definitely.

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