09 marzo 2012

Tokio Hotel Vipcall 09.03.2012

Bill: Hey you, it´s Tokio Hotel and we´re calling to answer another fan question today. Georg…
Georg: Yeah the question is: Tom plays piano on the Humanoid album. Is there any new instrument on the new album or which instrument would you like to be able to play?
Bill: Okay, I would love to be able to play piano. I would just sitting at our piano…. We have a piano at home so… I would just sitting 
Bill: I was just trying out something. I mean I would love to play but I´m always like...
Tom: it is a really cool instrument but I´m… I´m actually able to play like nearly every instrument. So… there is no new one…
Bill: But I have to say it´s kind of true. Tom can a little bit drums, he can play a little bit bass which is not complicated. I mean everyone can play bass… 
Tom: Even better than Georg
Georg: The best instrument Tom can play is a “flöte” (flute).
Bill: No, but honestly I would love to be able to play piano. I mean there are definitely some new sounds and things we´re trying out on the new record... 
Tom: But Bill..
Bill: …we will see... Alright, see you soon. Bye
Tom, Georg & Gustav: bye bye
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