13 junio 2008

Tokio Hotel a Satanic Sensation

Urgent! German Satanic Sensation Targets U.S. and Canada! Be Prepared!

The origin of rock music is often mistakenly assumed to be American. Rock music has its roots in Teutonic (ancient German) witchcraft and Satanism, in the banging of drums during orgiastic rituals full of human sacrifice in pre-Christian Europe and the pulse of terrified victims. The average teenager consumes six hours of rock music a day (Alan Bloom, The Closing of the American MInd, 1988).

Recently given a full front page review in the entertainment section of the New York Times and perhaps already covering a wall in your daughter's bedroom, they come under the cover of night, always sporting big hair, caps, and sunglasses to guard their unnatural eyes from the sun, and are called 'Tokio Hotel'. The hotel refers to no steady life stead, meaning they cannot linger in one place long enough because they are not powerful enough, yet, and fear the hand of God. What Tokio refers too will be discussed in a different paragraph.

They return at evening, snarling like dogs and prowling around the city. (Psalm 59:6)

What is important here to note is that 'Tokio Hotel' is not the band's original name. Started by a pair of twins when they were barely seven, the band's original name was Devilish. This is probably due to youthful enthusiasm and as they matured they decided to be more deceitful about their true intentions and changed it. DO NOT BE FOOLED! As children they may have been only devil-ish, now they are devils.

Disguised as an innocent 'Boy Band', and as any true Christian knows, there is no such thing as an 'innocent' Boy Band because they are part of every gay agenda (bands like The Back Street Boys and Take That!), they influence the hormonal household of young girls and even adult women. This aberration leads to shrieking and fainting spells among the all female audience, and ultimately, demonic possession.

Like Scandinavia, Germany has a solid base of Satanic Rock music. The band Metallica consisted of devil worshippers who in their lyrics begged, and I quote, "DEVIL TAKE MY SOUL". Then there is the horrific group Rammstein, the Scorpions, the blasphemous Kingdom Come, and here in the U.S., Satanic rock bands like Bon Jovi, Twisted Sister, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, AC/DC, Marilyn Manson and so on have a strong foothold and a large fanbase. However, the power of these is nothing compared to what is coming across the ocean for our youth now.

The band's main members are identical twins, going by the suspiciously conventional names of 'Bill' (rumored to be the Anti-Christ) and 'Tom' (the hell hound, see infra), both twins have boasted in interviews not to believe in any God. In recognition to Black Sabbath for paving the way for them by ordaining fans into the Church of Satan during concerts, Bill wears Black Sabbath t-shirts often. What Bill and Tom's true names are is every Christian's guess, but there is no mistake that they are Nephilim, the unholy offspring of a fallen angel and a human woman. Both are very tall and have unnaturally large hands, with Bill, the more powerful, towering over everyone in the band by a difference of at least ten inches. (See www.stevequayle.com for more on this, if Quayle is correct the twins may grow to a height of over nine feet!)

Barely eighteen, both twins have been covered for years in piercings (deliberately inflicted holes in various body parts) and tattoos they got by defying their elders, and have boasted getting drunk with the child welfare office, being wanted by the army, destroying private property, and taking the virginity of countless young girls, all before they graduated high school.

There are disturbing signs. The list of formerly normal men who fell to the spell of Bill is endless, we could go so far as to call him the demon gay bomb, a weapon of mass destruction that is a thousand times more powerful than abortion. He sows confusion in the loins of boys and men and makes girls and women unable to direct their affections to any other man; it is not music he sells, it is genocide in rates. Normally reasonable men like the Guardian's Paul Lester (2007. 21.5) lose all self-respect and sense of propriety. He reports:

Even the most ferociously heterosexual male staff up here at Guardian Unlimited Music have been found whispering, in hushed, awed tones, "Mmm, yummy, mummy" when confronted by images of Germany's handsomest export. Identical twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz are especially delicious, those cheekbones! Have those boys scrubbed and sent to our tent.

Just one more example of an innocent caught in Bill's web of sin and seduction is a German rap singer by the unlikely name of Bushido who reportedly lost his mind at the sight of the younger twin and propositioned to him on prime-time TV. The scientific term for insanity in German is 'geistesgestort', disturbed by ghosts literally, and it is assumed that the guardian demons of the hellish twins put him in this state as punishment for his insolence. Bushido, who was feeble-minded ('schwachsinnig') to begin with, is now serving a term in prison for indecent assault on another male.

Fans assume that whether Bill is a homosexual or not remains open to debate, but it is more likely that like soccer player David Beckham, rock star David Bowie, and other Satanic harbingers on earth, he is a 'metro-sexual' someone who incites feelings of lust in all unsuspecting humans and uses this to control them. The only way to guard ourselves is through prayer! Do not look upon their countenance! You will be barren, like the salt plains! Remember Lot's wife! (Luke, ch. XVII, v. 32)

Both twins are vain and sport unmistakable hairstyles. Bill wears his hair long and partially bleached, in a style that is impossible for any human to maintain, even with hair styling products. Fans jokingly claim that his hair one day will devour the earth, but they have no idea how close they are to the truth. Tom wears his hair in a style that resembles that of the barbarian Pict hordes, and there is no doubt that he intends to invade innocent souls with the same savagery. These hair styles are not just a sign of their vanity, they are functional: now that both hellspawn are reaching maturity, they need their hair and caps to cover the horns they grow on their foreheads like all Nephilim.

The older Twin, Tom, born ten minutes earlier, often seems like nothing but an appendage, while nothing is further from the truth. He is the hell hound that guards the younger twin, the true Satan, the Anti-Christ. The fact that both hate chocolate, to which dogs are allergic, confirms that there is something infernally canine about them, one need only to look at their uneven and pointed teeth to confirm this. The Guardian article called them, 'a puppydog Pantera', but 'puppy' is just the disguise, underneath they are ferocious beasts.

Tom has repeatedly been seen guarding Bill from entities invisible to others, most likely Angels. When feeling exposed, they always keep physical contact through laying on of hands, far and beyond what is customary for siblings.

It has been suggested that they are lovers, but to brush their relationship off as mere incest would be a grave mistake. It transcends physical boundaries and has nothing as much to with lust as with mutually reinforcing the darkness in their souls and grounding themselves in the flesh on this earthly plane to fulfill their daemonic destiny. They come to pull us down into hell.

The two other members of the band are rumored to be incapable of human speech and are likely guardian ghouls (in Teutonic tradition called 'trolls'). Indeed, both of their names start with a G. Whether these two Gs originally came from hell in the wake of the twins or whether they are their first victims is unclear, all that is known is that they met the twins in the bar when Bill and Tom were twelve and were recruited into their evil plot for world dominion.

In their lyrics there are frequent references to the tradition of Teutonic Witchcraft, which covered the raising of storms. The band's hits include songs like Through the Monsoon and 1000 Oceans, hinting at their ability to control the elements. The Teutons had links with the Celts and the Picts, ancient people involved in witchcraft whose characteristics both twins display. In this what Satanists call 'The Age of Aquarius' the image of water is a powerful one.

The battle is not lost! Their first bid to conquer the world was stopped when Bill 'mysteriously' became ill before they had a chance to invade Japan. This was divine intervention, the hand of God came down to guard this vulnerable country where only 1% of the population is Christian. It is as yet unclear why, but both have strongly stressed that it is their lifelong dream to play in Tokyo, Japan. We must assume the worst: the city lends itself to Satanic ritual and human sacrifice like no other.

To this day large parts of the world remain free of their nefarious influence, but the battle is not over. Millions of young female minds in Europe and the former Soviet Union are already colonized, Israel too easily fell to their spell, culminating in a Godless orgiastic festival on the ground where once the cradle of our Lord stood, and we are next. Why were they given free reign in the U.S. and Canada? Has God forsaken us? Do not doubt Him. God counts on the strength of our belief in Him, God trusts us to keep ourselves safe.

by God bless.

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