18 junio 2015

elhorizonte.mx- new interview to Tokio Hotel (english translation)


The members of the german band Tokio Hotel are recognized worldwide, that because the Kaulitz twins, singer Bill and guitarist Tom as well as drummer Gustav Schäfer and bassist Georg Listing, all under 30, have known how great successes in nearly 15 years of experience.

"For next year we are definitely starting to plan what to do on our anniversary, because it is crazy that to look back and get to thinking that was so long and how we have had a wonderful career in which we can do what we love "said Bill; what Georg supplemented laughing saying: "Right, you feel very old, but we felt we started yesterday," he said in a telephone interview from Germany to El Horizonte.

Although they formed their current lineup since 2001, was in 2005 when they released their first album with which they won their fans of all nationalities, who the will visit again at this highlight of his career, during the tour that follows his latest album, Kings of Suburbia, which released last year; so with Feel It All World Tour 2015 will visit Monterrey on September 3 at 21:00 in the Auditorium Banamex.

"We were around all Europe with this album. It's very electronic and it's inspirited in the nightlife and in all night scene because we want to convert all the venue where we play in a true club, we have so much production and an incredible equipment of lights, we'll  play two old songs too. We can't wait for live show, will be great!- said Bill, he talked about the audience in Latinamerica always have a big role in their career

"Latinamerica always have been very important for us, we love the support because from the first time, always we have so much fans", said the singer

Fashion and literature

Twins Kaulitz  will publish a book during this year, although Bill said that the date of release depend of the production of the new project.
"It won't be autobiographical, will be a novel, I love write in general, for me was time thing to publish something" explain
On the other hand, in the plans of the singer is release a new fashion line of unisex clothes .

Source: http://elhorizonte.mx

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