Tokio Hotel(Courtesy of Universal Music)
You guys put on a terrific show here in Malaysia back in May 2010. What do you miss most about Malaysia?
Bill: When we first came, we were so surprised because everyone was so friendly and we had a warm welcome, so we definitely missed the people and the weather, of course! But on stage, it gets a little too hot and we're not used to it; we were on a European tour and it was cold everywhere. But it was great and we look forward to the show!
What can fans expect from your performance at the MTV World Stage?
B: This time it's going to be bigger: production-wise and special-effects like electric shower. It's going to be really, really cool. We did think about playing naked [laughs]. I wanted to bring my costumes with me from the European tour but I think it will be too hot. Maybe something more casual this time.
It's been two months since we last saw you in May. What have you guys been up to?
B: We were in the studio and we did some promotional tour in Europe. We just launched our new DVD 'Humanoid City Live' and we recorded this at Milano. It's a fantastic live DVD and we had a lot of fun doing this. We also recorded a live album and a new video 'Darkside of The Sun'.
Tokio Hotel(Courtesy of Universal Music)
You are set to perform at MTV World Stage with the likes of Katy Perry and Wonder Girls. Who are you most excited to meet?
B: I'm most excited to meet the fans and the crowd. I've never heard about the Wondergirls; they're a completely new band to us. But, the fans are incredible and we're looking forward to our own show and concert.
Tom: For all of us, we're looking forward to our performance and I'm a big fan of Tokio Hotel, so I can't wait to see them live! And they have such a beautiful guitar player! [laughs]
Back in 2008, Katy Perry dedicated her controversial song 'Ur So Gay' to you for beating her to the 'Best New Artiste' Award. Are you flattered?
B: I seriously feel sorry for her that we won! Well, the best band wins [laughs]. And everyone knows we have the best fans in the world!
Tell us more about your fans.
B: They are loyal and they're always there for us. It feels like a whole family on the road; we have some fans who are always at our shows in Europe. We have Tokio Hotel TV and the Internet that we can always check and keep in touch with them.
Tokio Hotel(Courtesy of Universal Music)
We understand that Bill and Tom are turning 21 this year. Would you like any presents from your fans?
B: You know, I like diamonds and Ferrari! I like it when fans write us songs and post video messages to us. George will be buying us a Ferrari and a diamond ring!
T: Oh, we have a rule in the band: no presents for nobody as it would be too expensive! We've known each other for ten years and to buy amazing presents for four great people, we thought, we don't want that stress! We just have a great time together. And we party! Let's say George had a party when he's on tour and that was really sweet. Our bus driver arranged for a party in the tour bus! So I gave him a real, warm hug.
George: That's what we wish for every year.
We'll give you a hug for the success of 'Humanoid' as well.
B: We are so proud of this record because it's always hard to record the third album as a band. But it was exactly how we wanted; we tried new stuff in the studio and it worked live on stage. Everything's working great, especially the European tour, Malaysia and Asia, and now we're better than ever.
Tokio Hotel(Courtesy of Universal Music)
What's next for Tokio Hotel after MTV World Stage 2010?
B: Erm, we are going on a short trip to South America, and after that we go back to Europe to do more promo tours, followed by the studio to write new songs. Hopefully we get a vacation and some time off. It was a long year for us!
Where would you like to go for a vacation?
B: We like small islands. We always go to the Maldives, which is so beautiful. We've been there, I don't know [pauses] it's the most beautiful place in the world. I really like to go somewhere quiet where there is the beach, ocean and nothing else.
Since your band's name is Tokio Hotel, do you have any weird hotel experiences?
B: Yes, we've been to many hotels on our travels and we have a few favourites like the one in Singapore, actually. And we had some bad experience like this hotel in South Africa where we had our video shoot, it was called a hotel but it wasn't a hotel, really. It was like a small bungalow to fit everyone and there was camping involved! It was so f**king cold in the room and there was no heater! Nothing to eat, no Internet and water too! That was really an experience for us.
What do you guys listen to on your iPod?
B: It's a mixture of Aerosmith to pop stuff; I don't have this one band locked down but most of the time, I listen to this band called Tokio Hotel.
George: I really like the new record by 30 Seconds to Mars. I listen to it all the time.
Gustav: I listen to Devilish.