08 octubre 2009

New Video! Watch Tokio Hotel Raise Hell In Their Hotel In Madrid!

Can you, for one hot second, turn the volume down on Humanoid (just a LITTLE, just for a few minutes)? Buzzworthy's got a brand-new video of Tokio Hotel! We've followed Tokio Hotel to London, to the set of their "Automatic" video in South Africa, and we've journeyed with Tokio Hotel to Paris.

Today's stop, MADRID, where Tokio Hotel engages in brothery/ band-ly horseplay at the hotel, but not on an epic Guns-N-Roses-trash-the-joint-call-the-cops way -- so well-raised, these boys!

In this brand-new video of Tokio Hotel on the road, you'll see:
+ A beaming, newly
faux-hawked Bill Kaulitz signing autographs for his adoring Spanish fans.
+ Georg fearing that his nausea will lead him down the road where nausea often goes -- Barf City.
+ The political side of Tom and Georg, who raise a Red Bull to German chancellor Angela Merkel (bottoms up, lady!)
+ Georg lovingly getting crapped on by Bill for being too short (I thought usually Gustav was the butt of their jokes).
+ Gustav practicing his Spanish!
+ Tom and Gustav totally making their hotel glassware their little beyotches!
+ More adorable in-fighting that almost leads to hotel destruction.
+ Tokio Hotel on Spanish TV show
El Hormiguero, where they eat frozen cookies, made some kind of rancid-sounding drink, and made their famous spaghetti dish (ahem).
+ Bill Kaulitz in a tanktop!!!

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