06 octubre 2009

Exclusive Interview: Tokio Hotel on New Album, Tour and the Band's Secret


Having a new album "" coming out across United States on October 6, exclusively explain to AceShowbiz how they evolve from their previous effort "Scream" to this new one. They also address 'robotic' theme on the effort.

In addition, they share about their touring plan. Twin brothers Bill Kaulitz and Tom Kaulitz reveal that they would love to have , , or even as supporting acts when the band embark on a tour which is planned to be kicked off next year.

Moreover, they also open up about their crazy fans encounter and a funny fact about Georg Listing.

ASB: It's been two years since you dropped your first album. What do you think change in terms of your music direction?

Bill: After a really long time we started writing songs again which was a very liberating feeling! We wanted to listen to our inner voice again and find out what we feel.

Tom: We have tried more stuff, added new instruments and Bill and I co-produced the album. We sort of broadened the Tokio Hotel sound and are stuffed with pride about the new album. I'm going to buy myself a copy right when it's out.

ASB: Judging from its title, cover art, lead single and its music video, you guys kind of go 'robotic' for "Humanoid". Are you obsessed with robots this time?

Bill: It wasn't our intention in the beginning but more and more people mentioned it to us and now we realized: Yes, we do like science fiction and robots.

Tom: We hope we will experience one day how real robots will be part or our lives.

ASB: Many of the album's songs got leaked, how do you feel about that?

Bill: As an artist who puts so much effort and heart into a production and writing songs it's sad, it makes you feel kind of naked. Especially since these leaked songs haven't even been the finished versions.

ASB: Many rock bands apply Auto-Tune into their songs. Do you also utilize this music trend in the album?

Tom: We don't necessarily follow trends but for this album we tried some stuff we haven't done before.

ASB: So the video for "Automatic" was shot in South Africa. Any idea where would the next one be?

Bill: It really depends on the treatment and the idea. This step comes first and then we pick the country.

Tom: We would love to shoot in the U.S., that has always been a dream of ours.

ASB: Why were there so little shots of Georg [Listing], Gustav [Schafer] and Tom in the "Automatic" video?

Tom: Well, I'm simply the best looking band member! I would steal everyone the show had they featured me more in the video! And about Georg: nobody wants to see his hair [smile].

ASB: You said embarking on a world tour is something that you want to do in the future. Do you think it's happening with the new album?

Bill: Absolutely! We hope to travel the world with this album and play in countries like Japan which we still haven't seen. This is one of our biggest dreams. We also plan to return to the US and do another big tour in 2010.

ASB: Who do you picture will take the road as your supporting act if that plan happens?

Bill: If I would have the choice I would either take , or .

Tom: would be great too.

ASB: You traveled from one city to another for your road show, what is the favorite place that you wish to include again in your new tour?

Bill: Every city has something special. We go wherever our fans want to see us.

Tom: We loved Las Vegas but we don't have a favorite place and there are so many cities left we haven't seen so far. Maybe we can tell you after the next tour.

ASB: Do you guys still get nervous when you're about to go on-stage? What would the band do minutes before doing a live concert?

Bill: I am doing my vocal excerises. An hour before the concert, we as the band always get together and lock ourselves in the dressing room to get ready for the show.

Tom: I am still totally nervous before going on stage. I don't think this will ever go away. Before the show we warm up and go through the songs.

ASB: What is the craziest fan encounter you ever had so far?

Bill: Our fans always do crazy things. One of the things I remember is that a fan named a real star after us as a gift. That was really something special.

ASB: So Tom changes the hair color and Bill goes more glamorous in the costume. What are you guys trying to say this time around?

Bill: We don't really think about our style, it just happens naturally. Tom and I dressed like this since we are kids and always fought for our own way - even though others didn't like the way we dressed or that I was wearing make-up sometimes.

Tom: We always say: Try being yourself and don't let anybody tell you what to do or to wear.

ASB: So the album is gonna be out in the U.S. on October 6 and the tour will follow. How do you guys find the time to have fun?

Tom: We have time off very rarely but if we do we try to do something special and we also spend time with our families and friends. On our birthday for example we rented an amusement park and spent the entire night on rollercoasters and had way too much popcorn.

ASB: Tell us something about the band that AceShowbiz readers probably haven't known yet!

Tom: Georg is doing 'big business' about 5 times a day ... [smile].

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