05 septiembre 2008

Tokio Hotel 'Don't Expect' To Snag Best New Artist VMA


Sep 5 2008 8:03 AM EDT
Tokio Hotel 'Don't Expect' To Snag Best New Artist VMA From The Ladies
'We have no chance,' frontman Bill Kaulitz says of band's two nominations.

By Jocelyn Vena, with reporting by Kim Stolz

Tokio Hotel are the only males to be nominated for Best New Artist at this year's Video Music Awards — they are also the only foreign act contending for the prize. Maybe that will give them the edge, but the guys are quite shy about their chances of snagging a Moonman at Sunday's big show.

"We don't expect it, so for us, it's so cool to be nominated," frontman Bill Kaulitz told MTV News. "I think it's really, really special for us — it's America and it's our first American award, and that's so huge."

The German pop-rockers are up against American pop stars like Jordin Sparks and Miley Cyrus, but back in Germany, the guys are the megastars. They've sold millions of records in their home country and scored several #1 hits since they got together in 2001. Being crowned Best New Artist in front of an American audience would only solidify their fame here in the United States.

Just because they're rock stars back home doesn't mean they don't appreciate being nominated for a VMA. "I mean, I still can't believe it," Bill said. "Last year we were nominated at the [MTV Europe Music Awards; they won one] and it was the biggest thing we had, and now it is the Video Music Awards.

"It's really hard to get fans in another country, especially here — America is so, so big, so it's really hard to get known in this country," Bill told MTV News back in May. "We are so excited we have fans here at all. In America, we see a fan and it is like, 'Oh, we are proud! We have a fan in America!' "

But with a couple of VMA nominations on their side, it seems that now they have more than just one fan in the States. Guitarist Tom Kaulitz added, "To be nominated at the VMAs, for a German band, I think it's crazy."

The guys also have a chance to pick up the Best Pop Video trophy for "Ready, Set, Go!" Of going up against the likes of the Jonas Brothers, Bill modestly said, "We have no chance." But one thing he does hope he has a chance of doing is meeting Rihanna at the big show on Sunday. "I think it would be so cool to meet Rihanna, 'cause she's so sexy."
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