12 septiembre 2008

TH vende demasiado


Tokio Hotel sold more

From Roland Lindner

An unexpected price of youth music channel MTV has the Universal Music Group a leap forward in its attempt brings, the German teen-band Tokio Hotel in America to establish. The sales figures for the music of Tokyo hotel on the American side of the online music store iTunes are in the last few days continuously, on Tuesday was the album "Scream" ranked 19th The band on Sunday at the annual Video Music Awards "by the MTV award as" Best New Artist ".
Universal has this year launched an offensive to the German band in America a success. "America is the largest music market in the world, and that is why we are investing so much money in Tokyo hotel than in any other country," said Germany boss Frank Briegmann this newspaper. It is a daring experiment, because America is considered a difficult market, where foreigners rarely stars, especially if they come from non-English-speaking countries. One of the few truly great German success in America was the singer Nena with "99 Luftballons" in 1983. Universal felt but by the good response from other countries encouraged, even in America to try. Tokio Hotel began in 2005, the breakthrough achieved in Germany and then very quickly in countries like France and Poland success.

This spring, the band its first English-language CD "Scream" published in America and it ranks 39 of the Billboard sales charts. The business is then begin again abgeebbt what Briegmann account for its own statement: "In America, more effort and more effort, and we knew from the beginning." Briegmann feels now from the online sales figures for the MTV Price encouraged and hopes that the album also returned to the Billboard charts returns. So far, Tokyo hotel after his declaration 105 000 copies sold, Briegmann hopes that a total of 500 000. To the presence of high costs, wants universal Tokyo hotel in November to the third tour in America this year to send. According to Briegmann must be derived from the America Offensive other target regions such as Asia for the band is still a little longer than initially planned behind.

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