09 septiembre 2008

Bild.de: "Tom drank himself down under"

Our awesome victory night by MTV

This is a party Tokio Hotel will never forget! The Magdeburger boys won the pop-prize "MTV Video Music Awards" in Los Angeles – as the first German band!

It is the absolute crown on their young career!

The four Magdeburger boys from "Tokio Hotel" are crowned as best newcomer ["Ready, Set, Go"] on the MTV Video Music Awards in LA.

With this the desired"Moonman" went for the first time in his 25 year history of the awards to a German band!

Now Bill [19], Tom [19], Georg [21] and Gustav [20] are real world stars – and also party like it!

Shortly after 8pm local time, the boys were awarded. In front of millions of TV watchers, Bill [in really good English]: “Now we want to thank all our fans all over the world”.

Bill to BILD: “When we got the award, I was completely speechless - then Tom drank himself down under till 5am in the morning. At a private party from their record label Interscope-Universal in Santa Monica – with a view on the Baywatch beach from Malibu...

Tom:"We just wanted one thing, party hard! Just like super stars like Britney, Christina Aguilera, Pink or Kid Rock”".

Vodka with Red Bull they drank against tiredness, a few glasses of champagne against the anxiety, and water to hang on with. Tom: “Awesome party – and the girls are also pretty fly. They constantly scream wherever we go”.

When the sun rose over the Pacific beach to say “Good Morning”, the four boys in four stars hotel “Casa del Mar” said “Good night”.

The next plans for Tokio Hotel: “One more talk show appearance in the USA, then the flight back to Germany. Now Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg want to get back in the studio again – to record their third album.

Source: BILD.de

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