15 septiembre 2016

'Dream Machine' TOUR DATES!!

Sharing the first 'Dream Machine' tour dates with you today is a very special moment to us. Something we've been dreaming of for a while now as we are crafting the new show, new songs and artworks, to ring in an all new era with you. We see you guys out there:
12/03/17 UK, London
13/03/17 Belgium, Brussels
15/03/17 Germany, Hamburg
16/03/17 Germany, Frankfurt
19/03/17 Netherlands, Amsterdam
21/03/17 France, Paris
22/03/17 France, Lyon
24/03/17 Germany, Cologne
25/03/17 Germany, Stuttgart
27/03/17 Switzerland, Zurich
28/03/17 Italy, Milan
29/03/17 Italy, Rome
31/03/17 Germany, Munich
01/04/17 Germany, Leipzig
03/04/17 Czech Republic, Prague
04/04/17 Germany, Berlin
06/04/17 Sweden, Stockholm
07/04/17 Norway, Oslo
09/04/17 Finland, Helsinki
10/04/17 Latvia, Riga
12/04/17 Poland, Warsaw
19/04/17 Russia, Novosibirsk
21/04/17 Russia, Ekaterinburg
22/04/17 Russia, Ufa
23/04/17 Russia, Kazan
25/04/17 Russia, St.Petersburg
26/04/17 Russia, Moscow
28/04/17 Russia, Voronezh
29/04/17 Russia, Krasnodar 
Ticket sale starts on Monday September 19th, 2pm Berlin time (Except Italy 21st pre sale, 22nd public sale). Venue and ticket links will be available on www.tokiohotel.com. Keep checking our social media for further info. Brand new VIP upgrades will be announced soon. Watch Out!

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