17 julio 2015

Tokio Hotel talks about their fans in Chile

In August the guys of Tokio Hotel come back to Latin America five years after of his first show at the continent. Then, the german band were in Chile with his album  "Humanoid" and they collect 9000  fans at Movistar Arena.

Since this day (28th november) the band has changed more things. The most important thing, the look of Bill Kaulitz (sings), who has been passed with a baroque look to a more simple look, but has been an evolution of their sound.

"Well, we are more old (laughs) and of course, our music has changed" told the singer to Publimetro.

Without jokes, Kaulitz explain us that "now our sound is more electronic than the music that we show with Humanoid" (2009). I believe that definitely we changed. In 5 years we live more things, personally and in relation with the things that you listen or you like"

And this change to electronic music, is not craving of the band for sound more contemporary , but it's something in relation directly with the ambient where the musician of Tokio Hotel are living in the last time.

"I believe that it's a natural transition because we had been in many parties while we produced the album and I believe that, in a personal level, we are more involve in this atmosphere. We have known and listened many DJs, we have gone to many electronic-festivals and things like that. I don't know, I believe that this atmosphere inspire us" said the leader of the band.

"kings of Suburbia" is the name of this new production of the band, and they were 5 years working on it. And this is because Tokio Hotel wanted to take a break after the tour of promotion of "Humanoid", by the way, this was more longer than they were expected.

About this, "the true is that we hadn't plans about freeze the band or something like that. We decided relax us. Be about, basically, to find a new balance between our lives, in our music life and in a personal way"

"Also we want to have a time to be creatives, without to have more pressure with the theme of the release and something like that" told us Bill Kaulitz. " Between us. we decide to take a time free and to say to our music company that we will call to them when we have something... and well, the call was after 5 years" he said laughing

The musicians said, "the idea that we have is to show our new material in live and create an atmosphere of night club for make a big party. Setlist includes songs of the new album, the album before and some arrangement to the other songs. We tried in Europe, and we believe that they are enjoy in latinamerica too"

But the guys of Tokio Hotel not only are waiting to give the best of them, they want the best of their fans too.

"For to be honest, we wait more of them because in the last time the people were crazy, passionate and noisy. It was incredible. We wait something similar or better, in special in Chile"

More far of the tour, Bill Kaulitz said that with his brother Tom they are going to release a book "It's the first time that we make something like that, and it's a new experience and funny. We are taking some time working in this and we expect that it's gonna be ok" explain the singer, and end in laughs "we are a guys very busy"

by Mauro Canales (http://showbiz.publimetro.cl/)

Translation by Official Groupies Tokio Hotel

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