05 julio 2015

Joepie (09/10)

Do the Tokio Hotel-brothers like a certain type?

Your questions to Bill and Tom!

Last week Tokio Hotels 'Welcome to Humanoid City'-Tour came to Belgium. We got the twinbrothers Bill and Tom Kaulitz for a unique interview. 'When girls where something pretty, they always have a chance with me'. Tells Tom. So with this groupies are warned.

Do you prefer to sing in German or in English?
Bill: 'We mixed our English and German setlist. Some songs we prefer to play in German others in English. That way there's something for everyone. Fans who learn German especially for us, can sing along with the German songs. The abum 'Humanoid' is also available in 2 languages. We don't want to force someone to buy it an a specifique language. For us both languages are important. English, just as German is a part of Tokio Hotel'

Are you coming to Rock Werchter?
Bill: 'That isn't confirmed yet'

You have almost everything. Of what else do you dream off?
Bill: 'I will always keep dreaming and make new goals for myself. In the moring I always have a reason to wake up. Everyday I get new idea's en always want to write Tokio Hotel songs. With Tokio Hotel we always want to accomplish something. For our Tour we have for example designed a very pretty stage.'

Is it true that you have made a soundtrack for the movie 'Alice in Wonderland'?
Bill: 'Together with Kerli we recorded 'Strange' for 'alice in Wonderland'. First we had planned the song for 'Humanoid'. We wrote it and were looking for a voice for it. Kerli was the ideal newcomer. Het was very fun to work with her. She is so funny, enthusiastic
, always happy and sympathetic. It clicked. In the future we'd love to work with Aerosmith. And also with Stereophonics. Tom and I really find them cool.'

What does a girl have to do to conquer your heart?
Bill: 'That's a difficult question'
Tom: '(giggles) Not to me. If you want to conquer my heart, you just have to wear something pretty and it'll work'
Bill: 'With me it has to be love at first sight'

What did you do on Valentines Day? En what would you do if you had a girlfriend?
Bill: 'I almost forgot about Valentine. But that' not bad. Tom and I are both single, so for us Valentine was just a normal day. I do think that Georg ordered some kitchy roses. If I had a girlfriend, I'd pick somethinh that would fit with her personality. Everyone is different'

Who stays the longest in the bathroom?
Bill: 'If the others take a bath, they'll be in the bathroom longer. But normally I need the most time to get ready. Ineed an hour to brush my teeth, to shower,...

Bill, how do you do it, to always look so great?
Bill: 'Mostly in the morning I don't know what to wear. Then I stand in front of my wardrobe and get inspired. I try on some outfits, sometimes I find stuff that I haven't worn for 4 years. But eventually my mood decides.

Would you date a fatter girl?
Bill: 'In love there are no rules. Everything is allowed. You can't exclude fat or blond girls.'

Do you want kids in the future?
Bill: 'Now I can't imagine that, I don't even want to think about it. Tom neither by the way. We wouldn't be able to take care of it, we're on the way the entire time. Besides we have enough work with our 4 dogs. We try to divide our love between them, so that nobody becomes anything too less'

What would you do if you see a girl get beaten for being a TH-fan?
Bill: 'To me it doesn't matter what the reason is, if a girl gets picked on or beaten, I will always help. As a witness of violence, you have to do something. That is logical, right? It's obvious that hate should never go that far. Luckily the haters never damaged our carreer.'
Tom: 'Eventually I have always liked something that others thought was bad. I even thought it was cool to enjoy something others didn't like. Our fans are so close with each other because they're fans of TH. And we have an extreme connection with our fans.

Do you read Tokio Hotel fanfiction?
Bill: 'If a fan gives it to us personally, we'll definetly read it. But we don't search for stories on the internet'

Do you have time to read your fanmail?
Bill: 'No, we don't even know where to begin. Even we as our managers and our record company get letters. We don't have time to read them all. Unfortunatly.'

What's the most beautiful thing you've ever got from a fan?
Bill: 'I always like it when fans are creative. We once got a painting from fans from Italy. They had portaited me and Tom. A professional artist couldn't have done it better. CD's with selfmade music the fans can always send us too.'

Did you ever do something stupid when you were in love?
Bill: 'When I'm in love, I always do stupid things. My heart decides what I do and I can't think logical anymore. You can't control yourself anymore either. But with me it's been a long while unfortunatly that I've been in love, so I can't really talk about it.'

I can imagine that the succes can be hard sometimes. Don't you ever regret it to be famous
Bill: 'Of course we miss a lot; our friends go to college, they can go out. But we have chosen for this life and we would do it again. Studying has never been something for us. Now we can see the whole world. I've a experienced many things. others never get the chance to do that. So I'm very grateful.'

What's your favourite season?
Bill: 'The summer. I hate the winter. During Christmas it can snow, that's pretty.In Hamburg it's complete choas at the moment. You can't even drive your car! It's unbelievably dangerous on the streets, everybody falls and breaks something, the hospitals are filled. It may stop now. I'll be happy when it's summer. I also like to stay in warm countries and cities.'

When was the last time you cried?
Tom: 'I don't cry that much, because I don't have the time to worry about things for long. And nothing bad happened either. The last time I cried, was from laughing together with my best friend.'
Bill: 'If I'd cry out of sadness, I'd never tell anyone. That's too personal. But just as Tom I love to laugh so much that I cry sometimes.'

What do you do right before getting on stage?
Bill: 'We walk around nervous while we're putting on our microphones, our cables get put right and then we change and concentrate us on the songs.'

What makes you happy on a bad day?
Bill: 'Our dogs. If we get home at night and our 4 dogs are waiting at the door for us, we always have to laugh. They're love is unconditional.'

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