17 julio 2015

Interview to Bill Kaulitz by Peru.com

Tokio Hotel: “Our presentation in Perú will be a big party”

Why did you decide break the band in your best moment?

No, we didn't break, never we broke the band. We take a break after the "Humanoid" album. We were always together. We don't live together because we move out to America (my brother and I) but we were always in contact with the band.

Why did you decide to move out from Germany to Los Angeles?

In Germany everything was out of control. We could not to have a private life. We needed a place where we can find the peace, my brother and I. So we decided to move out to USA. This decision was the best, because I think that it's super necessary for us. In addition it help us in the creative way.

The media are part of this stress?

Of course, media, fans. Everything was out of control because some days we had 10 cars following us. Everything was crazy and we had to have security 24hours /day

Where do you find the name "King Of Suburbia?

We could be like the Kings of Suburbia on the place that we are from. This album es like our home. It's like a child feeling. I remember that like band, we created many songs and we thought that we were the kings of the universe. We felt very well for this. This album es like all, it return to us all of this feelings.

What's your favorite song of this album?

This is a difficult question because every song that we wrote has a story and always there is a feeling. But we are happy with all the songs.

How many songs you wrote for this album?

It's difficult to say because we wrote so many songs, we have many ideas. However, this album is a recompilation of the best songs that we create.

About your last clip "Feel it all" who has the idea.

This video was my idea, it was like a dream, a project. Furthermore this video is more like a film than a clip, and it's about the tragedy of the characters. A tragedy which was based in different films that I saw when I was young.

And the idea of "Love who loves you back"

It was incredible, I loved everything visual on the video. It was so many ideas, it was so nice. In addition it was inspired in one of my favorite films "The Perfume". In this film you can see a big orgy like in the video.

Why do you change the genre of music in your new album? Why pass from the rock to the electronic music?

Well, it was no a decision change the genre, you know that it happens. You arrive to the studio without idea but in the way you want to create a big song, so it's not something that you decide. Furthermore en our first productions we were children and now we grow up. In addition, the influence to live in LA make this change in the genre for the music that you listen and everything like that. 

Which thing has been changed of your fans after your break? Do you like the idea of buy singles online and not the full album?

I don't think that it was something of our fans, but this is a change in all musical industry, it was changing too much. In addition the social media like Facebook, Instagram and other things have changed the way of the music. One can't go against these changes, you have to accept .

After this tour, are you thinking in create a new album?

Yes, we have many ideas for create a new music but for this moment we are no thinking in write a new album. Apart we have more concerts this year, this tour will end at the end of this year, so it's difficult. And, probably, we have more presentations the next year.

What have your fans to expect in this new tour?
I think that it's the best how that they are gonna to see, because we put big things at the stage. We bring big technology of lights that they never see before, which thing make our show better. We want to create big party.

The last question. Are you coming before to Peru for visit some special place?

No, I don't think so, because we have a difficult timetable, so we are gonna to be there only for our show and we will leave the country.

Can you send a message for you fans via the web peru.com

We want to send greetings to all our fans in Peru. We are impatient for come back to Peru. Thank you and see you in our show.

Translation by Official Groupies Tokio Hotel
Source http://peru.com

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