14 julio 2015

First test scenes of Kaulitz's film has been shooted

Memories with juicy details?

"It will probably be our favorite book," Bill said in an interview with the American magazine "Just Jared." There will be a little self-indulgence in speaking the singer who is know for his eccentric appearance? Anyway, the first 25 years of the brothers are going to be written. The trick: Unlike most of the other stars they want to summarize his entire life alone and unaided, in the form of ghost writers or professional biographers in a book.

Then Bill Kaulitz provide plenty of light and a more detailed explanation of the scandal-Clip "Feel it all", which shows what splashes heroin or the life of his brother Tom, and excess Viagra what happened in 2010 and his own words about the priapism that he suffered several days. But before fans can now get an insight into the life of their idol uncensored, you need one thing above all: time.

The book, followed by a film
The successful duo has finally received an offer of a joint film, which are acting as brothers. The first test scenes have already been shooted and his words seem to have been great. "They said I have a natural talent!" Bill Kaulitz says.
If this applies to him as a writer, however, it remains to be seen

Source: purestars.de
Translation by Official Groupies Tokio Hotel

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