18 junio 2015

New interview to Tokio Hotel by Zona Joven Peru

- Your first time in Perú was with your tour Humanoid. What do you remember of your peruvian- fans?
Bill: We know that the fans of Peru are very intense. And they were in our show. This is what we love, we love receive the energy of our fans. This is so strong that we can feel on the stage. So we give the best of us.

You come with a more electronic album, ¿what influences you heard during the record?
Bill: Tom and I moved to Los Angeles (USA) and we went out to many parties. The album is influenced by the night life of the new DJ's. We love to go to festivals like Coachella, it is inspiring to hear different types of music . Tom likes so much the last album of Artic monkeys too, and he was always with it.

(more text, but I can't read)

- What kind of places do you like to visit in Peru if your dream come true?
Bill: I don't know(laughs) When we are on tour, our agenda is tight. Rarely we have time to enjoy of the cities which we arrive.
Tom: I like the nature, I like to know this part of Peru, and I would only go to look for the field.

- A part of your new sound, your new look too ¿How are you going with it?
Bill: I am always trying to feel good with the look that I choose
Tom: and, as always, he feels secure with his look (laughs)
Bill: the look is a part of the process, it goes according to the inspiration of the new songs. I try to develop everything at the same time, the music, look, videos, art graphic of the album... You know that I love the fashion and play with the looks.

-And your look attract the girls like always…
Bill: I don’t know, I mean… I hope it (laughs)

- In your tour "Humanoid" of 2010 you came with a futuristic city with space - outfits ¿How is the new show "feel it all" that you bring in august?
Bill: it's very electronic, it has more of the new album. Also we are going to include old hits but the main things is the new album "Kings of Suburbia" Each of us play a different instrument during the show, we have definitely taken our performance to the next level. We take good outfits, good visual effects and we create a big party

(more text, but I can't read)


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