18 junio 2015

elinformador- Tokio Hotel ends the silence

They are owners of 9 platinum records and 8 of gold, they sold millions of their productions... They are Tokio Hotel, who in this interview with this media declare that they come back with more energy for present their tour "Feel It All"

Between laughing, they sharing that the first that they will make when they arrive to Mexico will be taste some delicious "quesadillas" and enjoy of some "margaritas" And this is because the twins and leaders of the band Bill and Tom Kaulitz will be in Mexico the day of their anniversary, 1st of September: "We are very happy to enjoy this day in Mexico"- they said

They will visit three cities: 1st September they will play at the Pepsi Center WTC at Mexico City; 2nd September they will visit Auditorio Telmex, in Guadalajara and on 3rd september they will be in Auditorio Banamex, in Monterrey

The band formed by twins Kaulitz, Georg Listing & Gustav Schäfer talked about they are exciting for sharing their show with all their fans, also they announced that this show has more dynamism, because the new album is a mix of genres of pop, dance and electronic.

The interview

- You disappeared of the stages during 5 years (break from 2009 to 2014) ¿why?
- We took a little break of the tours, because we played music for long time; we were traveling constantly , so we decided take a time for see what music we want to do and what inspire us.

Tom and I moved to America for take a break, after that we began slowly to come back to the studio for began to make a new music and write for other people, because I feel that everybody need it, for breathe a second and find the energy and the love for come back to the stage, to be satisfied with the music.

- What mean for you change your "look" radically?
- I think that is something that happen, really we didn't plan this, I feel that I change every day because everybody learn something everyday and the same happen with the fashion and all this things. You inspire to other people, you see persons and you changes a bit every day and I feel that I progress.

It's like the music, arrive in the natural way and we like play with our visual-looks in our videos and in our shows, like the lights, outfits and fashion, is something that arrive with the music, I feel that the music inspire the "look" and the fashion, and backwards

- How do you think celebrate your birthday number 26?
- It's good that we will be together, we will celebrate it with all the band, some people of our staff and of course with the fans at the "show"; maybe they prepare something for us and they hace a big surprise for us (laughs) We like so much the diamonds, so they could throw diamonds on stage.

(history of the band...)

Philosophy of live

Although Tokio Hotel doesn't follow any philosophy of life, Bill (vocals) argued that there is still some indications to stand between his personal life and artistic life: "For me it is cover things you want to do, there are commitments because I hate the commitments. I think the most important thing is to be happy with the things you do and the rest will come alone. "


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