22 marzo 2015

Tokio Hotel Interview Dressed Like Machines- inglés

Tokio Hotel Interview Dressed Like Machines

Sophie: Hello, we are here at Dressed Like Machines and we have Tokio Hotel as our guest today. Welcome, nice to have you here today. Thanks for taking the time. We have an interview that is kind of special today. I call it The Celebritiy Reality. Hard rock life. Artists are familiar with this, right. And it is about daily routines, that might be not always easy for me as a “normalo” and for you guys with your celebrity status even a bit more complicated. And I`d say we start straight away now.
Tom: Okay.
Georg: Great!
Sophie. First question: You are on bed, and the alarm goes off. But way too late. You slept in. But you have very important appointments today.
Tom: Oh Georg knows that pretty good.
Georg: Actually that happens every day.
Sophie: Very good. Now it`s about getting in time for your appointments. To make it in time you have to save 15min on time this morning. What do you relinquish this morning?
Georg: I only need 15min in the morning
Bill: Well, Georg will do it without doing his poo.
Georg: Yes, that is true.
Tom: Oh but maybe… No I don`t think so actually. That would be the last thing I would relinquish.
Bill: Yeah it probably would be the last thing I wouldn`t do. So we`d probably… Aehm what would I do. I`d probably not have a shower to be honest. I`d probably put on some cloth quickly, brush my teeth quickly and aehm…
Tom: Well in my case it is like… So when my body comes in contact with water, I need bodylotion. So I do this every day, all of my body, every day. And I don`t mean this as a joke. I`m serious, I really mean that.
Georg: I`m serious, I mean it
Tom: I`m serious, I mean it
Sophie: Yes cause if you do that every day then your skin gets dry very quickly if you don´t do it.
Tom: Exactly. And my skin is already used to it now. But probably I wouldn`t do it if I`d have to save 15min…It`s not taking quite 15min but..
Bill: No I just wouldn`t have a shower probably. Cause usually I love it to have a shower in the morning and not at night. Cause it wakes me up and it makes me feel fresh, and I always go already through my day. And probably I just would`nt have a shower and only put some cloth on quickly
Tom: And you really have a wonderful body odor. I mean your own body odor smells is lovely.
Bill: Exactly that is good anyway.
Sophie: OK, perfect. Now you have another problem. And this is for you 2 (Bill and Tom) your wardrobe got swapped over night. And you can only chose an outfit of the other person. Which combination/ outfit would you choose?
Tom: Oh okay, so that means that I have Bill`s wardrobe and he has mine.
Sophie: Yep
Bill: To be honest, he would cope alright with my wardrobe.
Tom: Not at all!
Bill: Cause you really like all my stuff you often go to my wardrobe
Tom: But all your pants are way too tight!
Bill: That is not true.
Tom: And your Sacko too, that one. That is like size 0
Bill: Yeah well, okay today. But usually you would easily and relaxed find something at mine (wardrobe) And I think I would… I have to say nowadays it isn`t that bad anymore.
Tom: Not as bad like it used to be
Bill: We have a few things for example, where we exactly wear the same. Like our black bomber jacket, same sunglasses, and we even have the same sneakers
Tom: Yeah Bill also has often just a smaller size than I have.
Bill: Yes, exactly. So maybe sometimes it would just be a size problem maybe.
Georg: I would find it interesting if you`d swap Bill and Gustav`s wardrobe.
Bill: Yes that would be a tough one.
Gustav: Haha. Funny funny, tralalala
Sophie: We also could think about that. Maybe do that one day.
Now you come into the kitchen and were looking forward to have breakfast. But now your housemaid is sick on that day. Anyway she has left you some things on the kitchen table. There is milk, eggs, toast, flour, sugar, salt, pepper and oil. Now the question is, what can you male out of this. You have to make something to eat quickly.
Bill: Oh god
Sophie: What could you do with these ingredients?
Georg: A glas of milk and scrambled eggs.
Tom: Yes I would probably have toast with scrambled eggs
Bill: Oh we do have toast as well?
Sophie: Ja
Bill: Yes then toast, scrambled eggs and a glas of milk.
Georg: And you? (Gustav)
Sophie: Yes, do you have another idea
Gustav: Aehm
Tom: You probably can make alcohol out of this
Sophie: Right. You can for example make the “Armer Ritter”
Georg: Uhh I used to like that a lot
Tom: “Armer Ritter”? What is that again?
Sophie: You soak the toast into the milk and then you put in into a pan, right?!
Georg: Yes
Tom: Oh you guys mean French toast
Georg: Exactly!
Tom: Oh right.
Bill: Ahh right.
Sophie: Yeah “French toast” is for the cool ones.
Bill: Yes we from LA… We say French toast 
Tom: The celebrities call it French toast
Georg: The celebrities from LA!
Sophie: OK so that was breakfast. But now you have another problem. You had a long night and you have a bit a hangover. And you don`t feel very good physically. So what is your secret recipe that can get you through the day.
Bill: One glas of Aspirin complex.
Tom and Sophie: Jaaa
Bill: That as the very first thing
Tom: In the “best” case we already drunk the night before as well
Georg: Exactly, we probably drunk the night before as well
Bill: No I never do that
Tom: Yes I also do that rarely
Georg: Of course
Bill: Ja??
Georg: Yes the last cocktail always has to… When I know I will feel bad the next day, I always do that
Bill: Really?
Georg: Yes. Always.
Tom: I have to say that if I have a hangover I don`t even know how to get myself fit the next day I don`t have…
Sophie: No time for that
Tom: Yes. No. Then I am really unwell all day long. Then I really have to try not to vomit in the car and all that stuff. I couldn`t even get that toast and the scrambled eggs down. When I have a hangover and I get up in the morning, nothing works. I just try all the time not to throw up.
Bill: No. What I always do is definitely a glas of the aspirin complex and definitely a long shower and a really strong coffee.
Sophie: No we don`t have the time for that.
Bill: Oh we are still under time pressure?
Sophie: Yes that is kind of that day
Bill: Oh right. Okay.
Gustav: No you should start with the same drink as with what you have finished
Bill: Apparently that is really good!
Sophie: Yes that is really good. How do you say, contra drinking, right?
Gustav: Conter drink
Georg: Conter drink
Sophie: So before you go to your very important appointments today, the dogs have to go outside of course. You have to walk them. So the dogs sit right in front of a very fancy hotel. What do you do?
Georg: I always have a plastic bag with me.
Bill: Hoodie on and run
Tom: No usually I would say to the concierge he may pick that up
Bill: Or maybe…
Georg: Boah that is really disgusting. Who shits in front of such a hotel?
Tom: Oh, you mean just to pretend as if it wasn`t you
Georg: Yes
Tom: Yes but what if he saw it
Bill: Yes, if he saw it… I would of course pick it up
Georg: Or you just pretend it is not your dog
Bill: Tom always does that!
Tom: Yes
Bill: Tom always lets the dog run in the dog park, without a leash. And when he then goes to the little children, to the playground… He always pretends as if it isn`t his dog. Till then at some point the dog comes back and they sneak out of the park.
Sophie: Recently my dog peed into the sand pit on the playground. The parents weren`t really amused of course.
Georg: Oh well, kids do that too.
Tom: Yes
Sophie: Probably
So then you arrive at your appointment. It is again one of those creative interviews. It is in a gym. First they want you to work out for an hour so that you look worn out. There are 4 rooms in this gym, each one has a theme. We have yoga, bodybuilding, endurance training and dance & choreography. Who`s going in which room?
Tom: I definitely go to bodybuilding
Georg: But that is unrealistic. Excuse me! Dance and choreography is already reserved, that`s for sure.
Bill: Yes that`s what I would do. Endurance I can`t do at all. So who`d do that.
Tom: Georg hast to do it. I said that.
Bill: Yes Georg. And was is left then. Oh yes yoga. That is Gustav then.
Gustav: Sometimes they have a bar and beer at the front desk, right?
Georg: Only alcohol free
Sophie: No only these power drinks
Tom: But with yoga I think that is difficult for all of us
Bill: I am not agile at all
Tom: I can only touch my knees with my hands when I stand. I can`t even reach my feet
Sophie: When you stand?
Tom: Yes I can touch my feet
Sophie: Oh right. Ok. I just had to think about that
Bill: Yes I culdn`t do that at all. Definitely no yoga and endurance.
Georg: Oh well, then you do bodybuilding (Tom),I do endurance, and you do dance (Bill) and you do yoga (Gustav)
Sophie: Ok then you keep going. Around the corner there is the next studio. But on the way it starts to rain, so you come into the monsoon
Tom: Okay
Sophie: And because of that your phones get broken. No internet, no phone, no messages, nothing. What`s gonna happen? Do you guys have a meltdown or is that a relaxation for you guys.
Tom: For me this is pure relaxation. I can cope without my mobile wonderful.
Bill: For me not at all. I wouldn`t like that. What if someone calls me
Tom: I`d love that, no one calls me, no phone, no laptop, no one that annoys me, I`d like that
Bill: Esp when it would happen in a everyday life situation, totally unplanned I would…
Georg: Freak out
Bill: Yeah I`d panic without my mobile
Tom: Yes these two are the mobile phone junkies. The youth from nowadays. All day long at their phone and Instagram. That is Georg and Bill. No Gustav is not like that
Gustav: Yes I am glad if I don`t need it. Only when it rings five time I get annoyed
Tom: Yes we are the “nature boys”, we can cope well without mobiles
Gustav: We even could survive in nature with only a small pocket knife, that is really cool. We do that sometimes.
Tom: Sometimes we do that
Sophie: I like that. So you go to the next studio. And a very popular tv show is getting recorded there. And it is your one and only chance today to play there. And if not today then never ever again.
Tom: Okay
Sophie: But on the way you ate some lunch. That wasn`t good. You don`t feel well. And you feel really sick and you have diarrhea and you need to vomit. But you really really wanna do this show. What are you gonna do?
Georg: Shut your eyes and just do it.
Gustav: Shut your eyes and just do it
Sophie: Even though you have to poo and throw up on stage or what?
Tom: Georg wear nappies anyway all the time.
Bill: Cause it can come out all the time. No. But I really think Georg you couldn`t squeeze it together and even act like nothing`s wrong if you really have to go
Sophie: Nice how they all answer for you all the time right?
Bill: You would very quick run to toilet and get rid off it
Georg: But I am used to it. Before every show it has to get out. So I could hold it another 3minutes
Tom: Yes that is actually a good sign before the show. So if he does his big business before he goes on stage, the show is usually good. So that wouldn`t be a problem
Bill: Yes
Tom: Throwing up would really be a big problem. Cause this is my horror vision. If you have to vomit live on tv on stage. That is the worst thing that can happen to you. But I still would go on stage and probably just turn around to Gustav or something like that.
Sophie: Very inconspicuous.
Tom: Totally! And then like very heavy metal like with the guitar down woah…
Sophie: Alright. I like that. In the afternoon you feel better then, cuase the management gave you tea and zwieback. So all good now. So in the late evening go wanna go out again. Then you go to the club you like and you always go to. But today you are not on the guest list. And the lady at the entrance won`t let you in. And the security at the door tells you also that you won`t get in tonight
Tom: What was that again? A club?
Sophie: Yes. A really good party. So the question now is, would you try to discuss it, climb over the fence or look for another party? What do you do so you still can have a nice night?
Bill: Well I would..
Georg: That depends on what kind of party this is. If it is a really good one and I really want to get it…
Tom: No no, I wouldn`t discuss.
Bill: No no, I would never discuss with the security
Georg: No I wouldn`t discuss but climb over the fence or whatever
Bill: Oh no, I wouldn`t do that either. If someone doesn`t let me get in I would probably leave as fast as I can
Tom: Yes, me too.
Bill: And hopefully no one saw me! And would think fuck it all, cause I would be ay too afraid that someone would see me inside and tell on that I am inside. So I would just do a runner and leave.
Tom: Me too. And maybe look for another party
Bill: Yes
Sophie: Ok. So you guys would obviously do something else
Georg: Yes I am sneaking in
Gustav: The good thing about a pub is that there is no guest list. I like the pubs better anyway
Sophie: Oh alright. But in Berlin for example you have security at the door at some of the pubs. And if they have a bad they days won`t let you in
Tom: For real?
Sophie: Yes but I mean you can choose to which pub go go anyway
Gustav: Well I do live in Magdeburg. It is not like that there
Sophie: So you all arrived on the party that you wanted or in the pub. Then you meet a few nice girls. It all goes well and you go home with them. The girls then goes into the bathroom while you make yourself comfortable on the bed already. And when she comes back she turns the light on. On the wall you see a poster of Tokio Hotel. What is going on?
Tom: Of the girl?
Bill: No! We are at her home.
Tom and Georg: Oh alright.
Bill: We are at home with her and didn`t see it. So we are already in bed and then we see the Tokio Hotel poster.
Tom: Well, ok I mean we could… Alright I mean we have to watch out now again
Georg: Yeah… We would come into devil`s kitchen…
Tom: Because we… I mean, we would end up in the devil`s kitchen if we would talk about some kind of one night stand now. Cause we are… I mean cause we don´t do that anymore
Gustav: So we wouldn`t have seen that poster anyway
Tom: But Bill can answer this question
Bill: Yes. I would probably… But like really realistic this wouldn`t happen to me, I am not a one night stand kind of guy. So actually, a situation like that wouldn`t happen to me. But ok, so we pretend now that I would be in this situation then aehm… I would probably get dressed again… Am I already undressed?
Sophie: Aehm…
Bill: Yes. I am already lying in bed so…. I would probably get dressed again quickly and just pretend that I have to go somewhere now and tell her that it was super nice and I`ll call her later or something like that
Tom: Oh why is that? I mean… theoretically, very theoretically…
Bill: Cause that would make me feel uncomfortable..
Georg: Oh, watch it! (to Tom)
Bill: You shouldn`t answer
Tom: No. Of course not
Bill: You shouldn`t answer, that was my….
Tom: I just tried to pretend/imagine to be in your situation
Bill: No, that would make me feel uncomfortable and I would think oh I might need to get to know her better first to see if she really is interested in myself or if she is just a fan who tells tomorrow… So I wouldn`t feel comfortable…. And of course I wouldn`t wanna have sex when there is my poster on the wall
Georg: But only cause we are on it as well. So if it would be only you…
Bill: Exactly. If it would be just a portrait of me then yes
Tom: Bill poster
Bill: Yes but when I have to see your grimaces… that is not working. Nothing is working then
Sophie: It is a no go
So the last question is…. You had a very exciting day now, you arrive home, have some time to relax. But then you hear in the news that similar than in NY, with all that snow and storms, you are not allowed to go outside in LA. That means you are sitting at home, let`s say for 24hours, and then also the power goes off. So you can`t go outside and you have no electricity. What do you do?
Gustav: So we are back home then?
Bill: At home yes
Sophie: Yes you are at home
Gustav: I can turn the power back on in my cellar
Tom: So then I would go to Gustav
Gustav: No, you are not allowed to
Sophie: Exactly
Tom: oh ok
Georg: Man, pay attention
Tom: sorry, sorry I forgot
Bill: But the phone works again?
Sophie: If you`ve got it fixed by then
Tom: It is also broken
Georg: That walked through the monsoon
Bill: Oh yes right
Tom: So what was the problem now? Just have to stay at home and chill?
Bill: Yes you can do that. But what will you do with all that time. I would just sleep probably
Tom: Yes
Gustav: Do something else for a change
Bill: I would just sleep. And you guys would probably just have sex with your girlfriends
Tom: Yeah if my girlfriend is home…
Sophie: All day long
Bill: Oh it is all day? But you said it is the evening when we come home
Sophie: Yes but they said 24hours in the news
Bill: Ohh alright
Tom: Yes well then it would be nice if the girlfriend would be home and if not I would just hang up a Tom poster and and….ahahhah….
But you can do so many things. Like I wouldn`t have a problem. I mean I could sleep. I can sleep 24hours if I want to
Bill: Light candles!
Tom: Light candles, if you have instruments at home you can make some music. I am never bored.
Bill: Me neither. I would… I don`t know, probably draw something or…
Georg: Number drawing
Bill: Number drawing
Georg: He really likes that
Sophie: Very nice. You could play board games
Tom: I definitely wouldn`t get bored
Bill: I`m the same. I`ll always find something
Sophie: Great. That`s it. I say thank you. You had some nice answers
Bill: Thank you
Sophie: Have fun today
Bill: Thanks a lot

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