24 septiembre 2012

Traducción al ingles del Punkt 6 (24.09.2012)


Voice-over: For the first time in almost two years they're back in Germany and in front of a camera: Bill and Tom from Tokio Hotel in Berlin in the evening. [They're] the new stars on the DSDS judging panel. For this job they even took a break from the work on their new album.
Bill: We really have barely done anything for quite a long time…of any sort in the public eye. We completely retreated [from the public eye] and erm, now we're looking forward to somehow…yes, of course to mainly see new talent, new artists and maybe to also get a bit inspired for our studio work by it. Let's see.
Voice-over: They also want to get inspired by main judge Dieter Bohlen. The twins are especially looking forward to finally getting to know him.
Bill: Yes, then you've also got him who's such an old hand and he's been doing this for several years now. Erm, he knows this [show] format really well. He did all the [previous] seasons. He knows exactly what it's coming down to. Erm, yes and I think we're just adding another aspect to the table and therefore, I think, this is the perfect…perfect judging panel. Hopefully!
Voice-over: And even before the 10th season started the two of them have already decided to set their own priorities.
Tom: I mainly hope that there'll also be female talents for once. In general there are just too few female artists in Germany, I think.
Tom: So…
Bill: Yes, well, I'd also be happy about female artists. Well, Tom and I, we'll be mainly looking, erm…at…
Tom: …at the women.
Bill: …at the women.
Voice-over: Surely that'll make especially the female candidates happy and who knows, maybe Bill and Tom will even meet one or the other fan who cheered them on seven years ago on the DSDS stage.
The guys from Magdeburg started their success story in 2005. They collected awards like Comet and Echo. There were 89 Gold Records alone. Then they retreated to the USA two years ago but they happily returned for DSDS.
Bill: We always said, like, if we were to be judges on a show then it would definitely have to be for the original, the classic [show] format. Erm, because we also believe in it the most and it's good of course.
Tom: In any case it's the only casting show where artists also really became successful afterwards, like, and erm, I think that was also important to us somehow.
Voice-over: It's getting serious for both of them today. The preparations are starting. All of it can be seen on DSDS in January here on RTL.

Translation by http://tokiohotelstreetteam.co.uk

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