25 septiembre 2012

BILD 25.09.2012

BILD article for 25th September 2012
“Tokio Hotel” want more girls on DSDSBerlin - This time the Superstars already are a part of the judges.First work day for Bill and Tom Kaulitz (23) as judges for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”.Yesterday, “Tokio Hotel”, Dieter Bohlen (58) and “Culcha Candela” singer Itchyban (33), saw the first “DSDS”-Casting candidates in Berlin.AND WHAT EXPECTS “TOKIO HOTEL” FROM THE CANDIDATES?“We wish for more female talents. The girls should wear short skirts. All judges are men so they’d get in the next round easily.”, told Tom BILD.Boys not allowed?Tom: “Those who can’t sing should stay at home.”And how’s it going with Dieter?Bill: “We got along well right away and have much fun!”

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