23 marzo 2012

Vipcall 23.03.2012

Bill: Hey you, it´s Bill from Tokio Hotel and we wanna answer some more fan questions. And the question today is from Marie from Paris. She would like to know: Would you stop making music / your job for love? 
Tom: No!
Bill: No, I think we… I think you just can´t. Even if you would try.. I think it´s just… I mean you can´t….
Tom: If it´s like your real love wouldn´t like... you know… she wouldn´t like…
Bill: She would never ask that! 
Tom: Yes exactly.
Bill: Your true love has to accept you and for us it´s not a job. I mean it´s passion and we of course earn our money with that which is great. 
Tom: If it is your real love she will love Tokio Hotel… because she does have a great music taste so…
Bill: So yeah I think… I think that´s just not possible. You would always do music and you just can´t stop that. And if she would ask it won´t be the true love. So have a great day and we´ll call you pretty soon. 
Transcript by www.TH-wonderland.de

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