16 marzo 2012

VIPcall 16.03.2012

Bill: Hey you, we're calling because we wanna answer another fan question and Gustav what is the question today?
Gustav: Tom, have you ever think about to design your own guitar and if would it be acoustic or electric?
Tom: ... I think it would be electric and I would do. I mean if the payment is alright. I would…
Georg: You do everything right? If the payment is right…!
Tom: I think it would be a electric guitar and ehm.. I don't know… maybe I would give it a name … like something like Pamela or...
Tom: Something like that!
Bill: I would like to design a guitar for you... I would love to do it. I mean we were thinking about…
Tom: I would do it in the future for sure. I mean...
Bill: I would definitely design my new...microphone for my next tour...I mean my...
Georg: For your next tour? Oh when is it Bill?
Bill: I know. It's gonna be my next tour with my microphone. So okay… Alright have a great day and see you pretty soon.
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