18 junio 2010

Tokio Hotel: the Dark Side of the Sun video premiere on the 24th of June.

imagebam.comThere was just a little time left for the release of Darkside Of The Sun: a few weeks ago we informed you that the video would have come out on June the 18th, but it seems it won't be so ... Yesterday Tom Kaulitz disappointed the hopes of their fans communicating on his official blog: "On the next Thursday we will publish our new dvd 'Darkside Of The Sun' on tokiohotel.com in world exclusive. Tomorrow you will know the official DVD release dates of the live dvd." For all we know the live dvd should have gone on sale on July the 13th but it seems not to be so. We can only wait for further news from them! Stay tuned!
Source: tokiohotel.fansblog.es


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