25 mayo 2010

Tom Kaulitz against Collien Fernandez

Tom Kaulitz ätzt gegen Collien Fernandes
Collien speaks very directly to the member of Tokio Hotel,Tom Kaulitz (20) about the question of Viagra. "I speak of the little blue pill, what happened?" It usually doesn't work for itself does it? "She asked freely. However, Tom doesn't lose his composure and says, "With you probably i would need to use them." But Collien, chosen by the readers of FHM magazine as the sexiest woman in the world, probably didn't expect such a response. But he ignored the compliment skillfully and moved forward.

source: promiflash.de

translated by Mariazeffira
Official Groupies TH Spain

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  1. q conste que se lo tiene bien merecido, me cae mal no fatal...