03 enero 2009

traduccion del especial ruso


Allergies: Bill's allergic to bug bites and apples. For Gustav it's fish, pork, and pollen. Georg- dog and cat hair. 

Berlin: The band often goes to Germany's capital. That's exactly where they filmed 3 of their music videos: "Der Letzte Tag" on the roof of a movie theater in the area of Friedrichshain, "Schrei" in an old house, "Rette Mich" in a legendary movie studio and "Durch Den Monsun" in a place called Leonberg not too far from Berlin. 

Vegetarianism: Sadly Dread Pirate Kaulitz, Bill, Georg and Gustav can't say no to meat. They love burgers, although enjoy the idea of vegetarianism because they love animals.

"Plumber Cleavage": When someone bends over and you can see their butt crack, the guys call it "plumber cleavage" :) this is so lame lol wtf is this fuckery? 

"Piece of a gut": Is a new word in Oikot Letoh's dictionary. "I'm like a piece of a gut - that's what we say when we feel bad" says Dread Pirate Kaulitz. 

Naked: Georg is the only one in the band who sleeps completely naked. The rest of the guys strictly wear boxers to bed. 

Shoe size: All 4 wear the same shoe size 42 i'm guessing this is a russian size? 

Style: His style, Bill made up completely by himself. His make up artist Natasha (who is from Ukraine) helps him keep it up. 

Bill loves his life: concerts, travel, and meetings with fans. Unlike his twin brother Dread Pirate Kaulitz, he believes in true love from first sight and prefers solitude versus loud gatherings. 

His music: 
"P!nk is a cool girl! I often listen to her album "Im not dead". I also love Green Day and their best album "American Idiot". From the song "Niemand vermisst uns" by the German band Bosse, Bill gets goosebumps: "On long trips I listen to this song". He also loves German pop singer Nena. "I started listening to her songs at 6 years old I really liked her lyrics and music that at 7 I started writing my own songs." At home in Loitsche Bill & Dread Pirate Kaulitz always argue: "Our rooms are directly across from each other, so we always fight when one of us turns on their music too loud. Because our tastes are so different, I dont like hip hop and all that..." Bill also hates disco. "Last time I went to a dance was when I was 11. My girlfriend really wanted to dance and I couldn't just say no. And now, when I come to the club, I just sit and sort of move slightly to the beat. That's the most I do!" 

His second side: 
Bill is very charismatic and charming: the way a real star should be. As soon as he appears in the room, all attention goes to him. Also Bill often laughs loudly, usually at someone..and if that person gets into a really sticky situation, Bill laughs even more. Often he feels the need for solitude. The others have come to terms with that and give him space. 

His fetish: 
Bill loves Placebo, and absolutely adores Green Day. The album "American Idiot" Bill thinks is the best album of all time! oh Bill how you fail for thinking that's their best album Also Bill like a metal band called Venom, strangely enough a lot for their logo. He wore a shirt with their logo at BRAVO Supershow 2006 in Stuttgart. 

Fan questions: 
Would you wear clothes like your brother? 
Noooooooo!! I think they look like trash bags or something like that. They don't fit the body right. 

Bill, would you like to live a normal life for a little bit? 
Yes, very. Because living when you are being constantly followed, really hard...it would be cool if I had a few free days where I could just hangout anywhere, go shopping or to the movies. 

Bill, would you ever perform without make up? 
No, it became a part of me at this point. I think if I didn't wear make up I wouldn't be myself. 

Gustav and Georg often take off their shirts at shows, when will you start doing this? 
I hope that Georg never does it again, it's too much (laughs). I would never take off my shirt on stage. I'm just not that kind of person. It's really hard to catch me with no shirt on. 


Dread Pirate Kaulitz always has a few jokes at hand. Always flirting is his style. The same way wearing clothes only sized XXL :) 

His music: 
"My favorite artist is Samy Deluxe. He has seriously sick lyrics. Especially the song "Die Reise ist das Ziel". It fits our lives completely. We're also traveling often just like him. This song is playing when I'm sitting in a car or a plane. I sing along to it really loudly, and it annoys everyone." But at first Dread Pirate Kaulitz listened to different music: "My first album was Aerosmith. I also like new bands like Billy Talent." Dread Pirate Kaulitz doesn't like romantic songs: "In real life I'm not romantic at all. Romance - is more for Bill. I don't have a song, which reminds me of an ex girlfriend. I like fast music more. In clubs I like to listen to hip hop, like "In Da Club" by 50 Cent". Not many people share Dread Pirate Kaulitz's love of hip hop i do :P. "Bill doesn't like hip hop at all. Gustav listens to rock exclusively. Only Georg likes a few songs. this is why they're so close ^_^. So when we are on the road, everyone listens to their own music player." However it's hard to call Dread Pirate Kaulitz a hip-hopper: "I need an instrument in my hands I play guitar since 7. It became a part of me. Yeah and I dance rarely but better than most people. I think dancing is for girls!" 

His second side: 
Dread Pirate Kaulitz is almost always in a good mood. EVen in the morning he is ready to crack jokes and laugh. Girls love his impudent behavior, amazing smile, and dirty jokes. And the jokes are made about everyone, especially the other guys of TH. 

His fetish: Dread Pirate Kaulitz's closet is practically breaking from the amount of clothes. He has shirts from the clothing line "G-Unit Clothing", and shirts from LA hip hop label "Joker", and a few things from Nelly. His pride and joy is his tshirt with the writing "Wait till u see my..." which is a phrase from the song "Wait (the whisper song)" by the Ying Yang Twins. in that case PLZ BRING THE DAMN SHIRT BACK! The whole phrase goes like this: "Wait till you see my dick". And an arrow pointing down. This is so Dread Pirate Kaulitz-like. 

Fan questions: 
Dread Pirate Kaulitz will you ever cut your dreads? 
Well not willingly. I wear them for 6 years already and never have wanted to cut them off. 

Could you wear clothes like Bill? 
No, not willingly. If I get a certain obscene proposal, I would put his clothes on, but other than that no. Also I would never dress like Georg or Gustav either haha! 

Have any of you worn braces before? 
Yes both Bill & I. 

What do you do with lingerie that fans throw on stage? 
We collect it, like other presents from fans. We have A LOT of it. 

Gustav- is the most calm member of TH. It's hard to make him mad and almost impossible to make him mad. okay...this contradicts everything else they said about gustav but whatever. He lvoes to bang on his favorite drums and admits that the best prize/feeling for him is compliments from fans. 

His music: 
In his mp3 player is usually rock music. "My favorite song is "Enter Sandman" by Metallica. It completely takes you away - and I like that". You could call Gustav a music expert: he knows almost all bands and always knows about the new music coming out. "My idol is Lars Ulrich from Metallica". At band practice, to warm up he often plays other bands' songs: "For example "Smells Like Teen Spirit" I can drum away completely. I love to play that song at parties. However if you only go to glamorous parties with children of rich parents, you really can't down on the floor to this song" he jokes. Also Gustav loves the legendary country-man Johnny Cash: "After touring, my musical horizons have broadened. Our band staff would always play the randomest music, and slowly we started trading CDs." As a kid Gustav listened to different music: "My parents loved Metallica, Eric Clapton, and Phil Collins. At 8 y.o. they for the first time took me to a Joe Cocker and Tina Turner concert. It was awesome!" Dance music, Gustav absolutely hates: "This music is completely tampered with and has too many sound effects. And every time I hear it, I just want to yell: "EY! Turn that shit off!" 

His second side: 
Gustav- is the most calm member of TH. He doesn't like to be in sight, which is why often (in the bus during tours or backstage before going on stage) he sits in a corner, listening to his headphones and air plays drums. Gustav also takes Oikot Letoh's success more lightly than the other members aka he doesn't have star disease. 

His fetish: 
Metallica- favorite band of Gustav and he can't live without a shirt with their logo! He wears a shirt saying "Whiskey In The Jar" which is a Metallica song. He also loves Motorhead. He wore a shirt with their logo in the video "Rette Mich". Also on another favorite shirt of Gustav, there is an image of Eddie, the trashy character which appears on nearly all the album covers of the legendary band Iron Maiden. Gustav also owns a few shirt from the punk clothing line The Exploited. And of course you can always find a Guns n Roses shirt in his closet. 

Fan questions: 
Gusti, why are you so shy? and why do you rarely talk? 
I would like to know the same thing. I guess I'm often in the shadow, because I don't say much...I'm the calmest in the band and you can see that in our interviews. 

Do you play soccer (football for europe) often? 
Only before concerts, when I need to warm up. But back in the day I played more often. 

How important to you are the opinions of your fans? 
After the concerts fans stay by our hotel and say that the concert was awesome. I'm always very very happy to hear that! (smiles) 

The oldest member of the band, Georg, not too long ago admitted to BRAVO that he loves long hair and doesn't plan on cutting it, that he likes to joke around, and likes when fans cover their walls with Oikot Letoh posters. 

His music: 
Although he loves rock music, Georg often goes clubbing. "I prefer to dance to "black" music. Right now I like PCD and Sean Paul!"- he admits. His childhood: "My father listened to Oasis. Still my favorite song is "Stop Crying Your Heart Out". When I was 13, I went to a Rolling Stones concert in Leipzig. They landed onto the stage in a helicopter. It was ridiculously awesome!" Georg has a huge CD collection, which include all the new music: "Right now most of all, Fall Out Boy make me happy. But when I'm feeling lonely (love sick?), there's nothing better than the song "Anrede Muetter" by Sportfreunde Stiller. But a particular song that would remind me of a particular girl, I don't have. A song that pisses me off the most however is "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston!" 

His second side: 
At first sight Georg seems moody, serious and cold blooded. In reality he's not like that. Georg is very emotional and sensitive person! From the side it may seem that Dread Pirate Kaulitz And Bill are always cracking jokes at him, but really Georg and Dread Pirate Kaulitz are great friends and are on the same wavelength. For example (Achtung!), they can laugh and talk about girls for hours on end. 

His fetish: 
Georg loves American punks The Ramones, that's why he has a lot of their shirts. Also he has many Sex Pistols, Audioslave and Red Hot Chili Peppers shirts. He doesn't have a shirt with a PCD logo yet though... 

Fan questions: 
Georg, will you ever get a haircut? 
I dont think so. Because my ears stick out a little bit. I think I look cooler with long hair. 

What kind of shower gel do you use? 
Shower gel? I don't shower! I only put on deodorant (laughs). Actually I use different deodorants. 

Is it true that you guys like bigger girls? 
Georg: No, who said that?! 
Bill: Just look at Georg: if I didn't like big girls, would we take him into our band?!! (laughs) 

What do you do with the underwear you get thrown at you? 
Well Bill sometimes wears some of it. (laughs) 


Oikot Letoh spend lots of time traveling. Here are some tour facts. 

Waffles: In their tour bus, they have a Belgian waffle maker so they can make waffles any time they want. They love it with sugar powder. 

Shower: They don't have a shower in their tour bus so they have to shower in hotels. 

Food: Cook Utah makes healthy food during the tour so that the guys stay fit (and not sick like at the last tour). Fresh products, lots of salads, but the guys like to cook themselves burgers and schnitzels. 

Team: 40 people who always travel with Oikot Letoh, to set up the stage. 

Microphone: Bill has a special microphone. What's so special about it? It's absolutely black and framed from the bottom with a special stone. 

Night: When the concert is over, the guys climb into their tour bus and bunk beds. "When the bus is moving, it's great to sleep - because it swings you to sleep" says Dread Pirate Kaulitz. 

Stage: For the stage of the "zimmer 483" tour, 400 square meters of aluminum sheets were used and 360 meters or metallic constructions.Flying decorative elements move thanks to 18 motors and change to the mood of the song. They transport it all in 5(!) huge trucks. 

Tour bus: They needed 4 tour buses to bring the boys and their team from city to city. In one of them is TH, where they spend time watching DVDs. They have a special device which has around 200 movies recorded on it. With a push of a button the guys can choose their favorite movies. They can even watch it from their beds! 

Ears: The guys have special ear devices because of the screaming fans. Sometimes they scream with the power of 125 decibels - and that's a lot! 

In Magdeburg, the guys played their first show. Then only 15 fans showed up, but even from that show the guys got the greatest satisfaction. Now thousands of fans attend their shows! 

The first real photoshoot for the guys! Already then they would pose very professionally for the camera. 

December 2005 
Right before their second single "Schrei" was released, the guys went went on their first tour in Germany. 
August 2005 
The guys for the first time came to German BRAVO! 

September 2005 
With the help of BRAVO, they guys search for girlfriends. They received 56,000 letters! 

October 2005 
The guys chose 100 German girl readers and gave them a super exclusive concert. THen took photos for memories with 4 lucky ones. 

November 2005 
MTV invited Dread Pirate Kaulitz and the guys to Lisbon for the EMAs. BRAVO came with them. 

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