04 septiembre 2008

traduccion de la radio

My friend and I sat in the back at EYE-LEVEL with the guys, so we constantly had eye contact with them.

Bill and Tom were so cute, I think Tom said something about porn movies when someone asked what they like to watch. haha :rotfl:
So anyway, the most amazing part of the night was the M&G. When I went up to take the picture I was the 2nd to the last person and walked up to the stage saying "Hiiiii" with a big smile on my face. Bill & Tom smiled back & I stood right in between them. THEN.....oh my goodness. Tom put his hand on my lower back. OMG I kinda freaked out. Then right when the guy took the picture Tom looked at me and said "Perfect!" and smiled. My goodness I thought I wasn't a Tom girl before but I think I am now :)

OH and as they were signing the pictures my friend asked wolfie why he was so shy. Haha he shrugged a little and said, "I don't know. I'm sorry." HAHA then she said oh my gosh don't be sorry! Then she felt bad for asking hahaha[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=wolfgirl126;244199]Tonight at the KIIS FM studio in Burbank was amazing. If it was humanly possible for a Tokio Hotel fan to fall more in love with the band members, tonight was the night it happened.

After waiting anxiously, stomach in butterfly-ish knots, seated in the tiny studio room with only about 25 other equally nervous and excited young girls, finally the host, JoJo announced the moment we'd all been holding our collective breaths for,

"And now, Tokio Hotel!"

Tom walks onto the stage first, to the cries and screams of rabid fangirls. Bill follows next, in all his leonine glory. Georg brings up the rear on the stage leaving wolfie to wait in the wings.

The three boys take a seat, the crowd still cheering loudly while the guys smile amicably at the audience. Tom and George pick up their instruments to get the party started but Bill looks around quizzically.

"I dont have my microphone!" he says.

They bring him one :)

"Wait guys, before you start, the audience has a song for you," JoJo tells them, the crowd looking from one person to the next, a secret in each of their eyes.

The three Germans look confusedly at each other and then at the crowd as they launch into a very off-key, but heartfelt version of Happy Birthday...

"Thank you!" Bill and Tom shout back when the crowd finally finishes, cheering and clapping.

Tokio Hotel opens with the classic acoustic version of "Monsoon" sung beautifully by the glamorous Bill, clad in black jeans, black steel-toed shoes, a black tee and various of his usual chains and rings. His eyes close and I swear he was singing to me... well, me and the other two dozen people and the room. His kohl-ed eyes clench closed against the lights, gripping tightly and carefully at his microphone, singing their song again for the millionth and the very first time.

JoJo takes various questions from the audience. Among them, some very, shall we say, irrelevant ones.

"Can I have Bill's sweatband?"
"Can I hug Tom?"
"Can I have any of Bill's jewlery?"

An amazing experience momentarily turned into an ebay bidding session.

But Tokio Hotel brought the atmosphere back with their second song, "Black." Most of the audience was singing along. Some were just awestruck with being three-feet from guys, their mouths permanently open, jaws dropped.

Another Q&A session, the most notable question being, "Why dont you play Reden?"

Bill looks sheepishly away from the crowd.

"Oh no, Its too dirty!"

JoJo is curious now.

"What? What is that song?"

Bill answers quickly, "Its just a song about talking." ;)

Some girls from the audience shout at the stage,

"We love you Tom!! We love you!!"

Bill turns seriously to his brother, a charming and honest smile across his finely tuned features.

"But I love you more!"

The band closes with the song "Final Day" a perfect way to leave the crowd - craving more.

Oh but thats not all... cuz this is Tokio Hotel. And TH takes care of their fans!

The crowd is ushered into a tight semicircle, and given a promo picture, which Bill, Tom, Georg and wolfie all come around and sign for wach person.

Then to make the evening even more than we expected, the boys offer an individual picture for each fan in the audience with the four of them. Bill and Tom move their arms to encircle my waist... my arms around their enviously lithe frames. Their six-foot-two towering figures making me feel nervous and safe at the same time... We are asked to leave immediately after our photo.

But we know, that Tokio Hotel is number one.
Tokio Hotel deserves to win the VMA's!!!
Tokio Hotel has the best fans on earth!! And Tokio Hotel... is love.

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