10 septiembre 2008

Tokio Hotel Wins A VMA And The Affection Of The Pussycat Dolls

Tokio Hotel Wins A VMA And The Affection Of The Pussycat Dolls

Not only did Tokio Hotel (or, the main reason half of you faithful Buzzworthy readers watched the VMAs last night) roll up to the VMAs in a roaring monster truck emblazoned with their likeness — Get it!? Loud? Dangerous? American? (And shouldn’t that be Lil Wayne’s motto?) — but they also won Best New Artist (or, the other reason you’re glad you watched the VMAs).

So, they rolled big in a monster truck AND won that VMA (watch their we <3 our fans acceptance speech below), but they also got all kissy-face with Pussycat Dolls, who were dressed in very floaty, feathery dresses (like game show ladies but hotter), and between Nicole and Bill Kaulitz, the air was filled with intoxicating levels of glamous eye make-up, hairspray, and raw sex appeal.

Watch their big American arrival, see them accept their VMA, and then watch them schmooze with their labelmates on the back lot.

Also, my apologies for getting your hopes up with my previous post announcing that Tokio Hotel would be presenting a VMA. In the flurry of pre-VMA madness, I received some inaccurate information. As you saw, Tokio Hotel was instead featured in the show’s Rock Band scene with Miley Cyrus (a pairing that either offended or elated you). Please accept this ridiculous photo of me in North Cackalack’s Grave Digger monster truck as an apology. Es tut mir leid!


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