01 septiembre 2008

Tokio Hotel brings its teen angst to Houston

German band Tokio Hotel has become an angsty, international teen sensation largely because of androgynous, 18-year-old singer Bill Kaulitz, whose image — equal parts Joan Jett, '80s-era Cher and waif-thin emo pinup — and shy demeanor have made him an unlikely heartthrob. The group's English-language debut, Scream, was released in May and has endeared the band to the TRL set.

Kaulitz and his Hotel crew, including twin brother Tom, are already superstars overseas. The band has sold more than 5 million albums of restless youthful anthems throughout Europe. Tokio Hotel is up for best new artist and best pop video at next month's MTV Video Music Awards, a sure sign of impending teen domination. Kaulitz recently talked with the Chronicle's Joey Guerra about those nominations and dished on Texas and the Jonas Brothers:

Q: What are your impressions of the U.S. as you've been touring?

A: It's been a really amazing trip so far. We'd only played in New York and L.A., but to travel the country and meet fans all over is really amazing. Chicago is great, and Las Vegas is just overwhelming.

Q: What are you expecting from Texas? Be honest.

A: We've never been here before, and we're just excited to see another part of the States. As far as we know, Texas is the land of oil, horses, cowboys and big barbecues.

Q: Are there differences between U.S. and European fans?

A: You can't differ concerning the country. All fans are really, individually different. But what they all share is that excitement, that energy, how they go wild and crazy and how they celebrate at our shows. We love that.

Q: What are some must-have items while you're on the road?

A: I have 10 bags with me on the road, and I need them all. No joke. And I need my mobile and my laptop to stay in touch with friends and my family.

Q: What's the story behind your personal style?

A: Tom and I used to look exactly the same until we were 6 and developed individually from there. It all started with a Halloween party to which I went as a vampire. I liked the look, and everything took off from there.

Q: How long does it take you to get ready?

A: Not as long as everybody imagines. For everything — taking a shower, brushing teeth, getting dressed — I'd probably need 45 minutes.

Q: Tokio Hotel gets lots of comparisons to the Jonas Brothers. Have you heard their new disc?

A: We haven't heard it yet. But we have heard a lot about them. They just went to Europe. Their success is really awesome.

Q: At next month's MTV Video Music Awards, you're up for best new artist, a category in which you're the only male act.

A: All I can say is we are so excited to be nominated at all. This is something we wouldn't even dare to dream of. I mean, we are a German band nominated twice for the MTV Video Music Awards. Come on. I think we have no chance, but being there is just amazing.

Q: What's the most surprising song we'd find on your iPod?

A: Mmmm — I only have good music on my iPod.

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