03 septiembre 2008

The false Tokio Hotel concert in Minsk (September, 20)

While Tokio Hotel is rocking in America, Belarusian Tokio Hotel fans are deceived in Minsk. The fraud is really big. There is a lot of bright placards in the city with a loud phrase “Tokio Hotel concert in Minsk in September, 20!”

The Tokio Hotel concert which was planned in Minsk in September 29, 2007 was cancelled. Belarusian fans believe that their favorite Band will visit Minsk someday. But the most Belarusian fans who know almost everything about Tokio Hotel, their plans, concerts and shows considered the information about the concert suspicious. The Band has many concerts in USA, then Tokio Hotel plane to come back to Germany to record a new album. There is no visiting of Minsk in their plans.

Belarusian Tokio Hotel FanClub was the first who made a noise because of the false information. The President of BY TH FC says: “These placards are false! I know that the members of our FC understand it. But there are fans who don’t know about it. They can be deceived by the swindlers. If it happens it will become a real tragedy for the fans!”

There are two telephone numbers on the placards which can be used to buy the tickets. The swindlers planed to sell the tickets on the concert by $20-35. The woman and the man who talked with the fans by telephone, offered to deliver the tickets to the fans yourselves.

There are also many Belarusian and International brands on the placards which should to finance the Tokio Hotel concert in Minsk in September, 20 on “Dinamo” Stadium.

Today Belarusian Tokio Hotel FanClub, Belarusian MassMedia, the Director of “Dinamo” Stadium and the competent organizations hold the situation under their control.

Belarusian Tokio Hotel FanClub hopes that it was the first and the last accident with the Tokio Hotel concert in their native country. The PR-managers of BY TH FC, Twins, say: “We want to
see our favorite Band in the capital of Belarus. We’re ready to help the Concert Agency, Belarusian Mass Media to spread the information about Tokio Hotel in Belarus. All Belarusian fans are ready to wait for a new album and Tokio Hotel tour and we believe that the guys will come to us. But the situation with the false concert in September, 20 is really sad. We hope Belarusian fans can understand it and be careful. Don’t buy the false tickets!”.

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