08 septiembre 2008

BILD.de: Tokio Hotel Best Newcomer!

Tokio Hotel Best newcomer!

And Britney Spears celebrates a mega comeback

What an awesome night in Los Angeles. The german band Tokio Hotel have won an award at the American MTV Music Video Awards as “Best New Artist”. Is now all of America at there feet? And Britney Spears who won 3 awards is celebrating her comeback. Bild.de columnist Alex von Roon was there for you!

Party time in Los Angeles. The 25th Video Music Awards from MTV. This time from the world famous paramount studios in Hollywood. This is where Charles Bronson and Marilyn Monroe used to walk on the filmset. Now I am allowed to be here. I am waiting together with thousand of hysterical fans and colleges (In about 30 degrees in LA) at the stars such as Rihanna, Jonas Brothers, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Michael Phelps – and Tokio Hotel.

The boys from Magdeburg are nominated for two awards. After there smooth start in America (There now ended US tour was unexpectedly a big success) now all are waiting for these outsiders. And there they come. And how. With a monster truck the boys are being brought to the red carpet.

Like a pirate flag the Tokio hotel logo is shining on the truck. Bill and the other boys jump out of the trunk. Cool entrance that is also appreciated by the fans.

The international press is fighting for an Interview with Tokio Hotel. Bill Kaulitz about there sudden success: “We are travelling our ass of, and we are unbelievable happy that the fans here in the USA have embraced us”, and then when the band is pushed onwards a quick: “Hey, we are just at the beginning, there will be more!”

Not long after that it is confirmed. Tokio Hotel wins in the Category “Best New Artist” and with that is beating America’s megastar Miley Cyrus.

Bill Kaulitz in perfect English: “We have to thank our fans. We have the best fans in the world.”

A new highlight in the career of the German export. “With this award the German scene has set a foot in the US market”, believes musicproducer Russell Simmons.

With big excitement is waited at the performance of Britney Spears. Will she make her comeback after the physical breakdown at the beginning of this year? She made it! She didn’t only open the show with a sketch but also won 3 awards – including the one for “video of the year”(for piece of me). A big comeback on the showbiz scene.

Her popstar college Christina Aguilera also kicked of with a perfect performance – and sang herself back in the hearts of fans after a long baby break.

After two hours everything was over. But at the aftershow party beneath the sky with stars of the paramount studio everything went on.
In the middle: the boys from Tokio Hotel – surrounded by international stars, on the left Kid Rock drinking a beer, on the right teen star Miley Cyrus together with Christina Aguilera on a couch.

One thing is certain: With this victory the four Magdeburgers are one step closer to there breakthrough in the country of the unlimited possibilities.

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