08 septiembre 2008

Bild Newspaper: Bill and Tom show their beach hairstyles

Tokio Hotel on vacation - Bill and Tom show their beach hairstyles

Los Angeles. Long mane, dreads, oversized sunglasses and decent amounts of fast food. This is how Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Germany's most adored girl crushes from the band Tokio Hotel relax at the beach. Instead of his finger-in-an-electric socket hairstyle, Bill wears his hair straight and neatly combed back. Sun tanning is so much easier...

The twins are on a Birthday vacation [They turned 19 on the 1st of September] in California - and have just ended their US tour successfully. "Of course America is the biggest for every musician. This is where the best perform. And that we now belong to that is really awesome." say Bill Kaulitz.

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