24 mayo 2010

Bill Kaulitz dresses like Kylie Minogue.

Bill Kaulitz se disfraza de Kylie MinogueBill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel keeps honoring to the pop divas.We ve already seen him dressed up as Madonna with his face hidden, with his spikes like Rihanna, with his feathers like Lady Gaga and now with a very full hoodie style like Kylie Minogue .Yes, we do this sarcastically, but it seems very funny the chameleon style of the singer.

The similarity of the outfit is not very marked but it seemed an ideal opportunity to continue our series "Bill Kaulitz is disguised as ...". This time he has dressed like Kylie Minogue but we've already seen him dressed as Madonna, Rihanna, Victoria Beckham and Lady Gaga too. He is a master of the song and of the costume too. Tokio Hotel performed in their country, Germany in the show of the VIVA Comet Awards, in which they shared the limelight with Justin Bieber and others. What do you think about the new disguise of Bill Kaulitz?.

Translation, Mariazeffira.

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