08 septiembre 2008

Tokio Hotel, Monster Truck And More

Bentley coupe, Phantom Rolls, Maybach, stretch limo? Those cars will never be played out, but they've been done time and time again. If you want to stick out when arriving at the VMAs, you have to do it in style, but you also have to be different. It's not just about what you wear on the red carpet, it's also about how you got there. This year we had a few guests that made sure nobody would forget their initial appearance.

Artists: Tokio Hotel
Mode of transportation: Monster truck
Method behind the madness: We couldn't clear the airspace for the helicopter from "Monsoon." Or maybe it was the only vehicle that could accommodate Bill's hair. Rimshot! Seriously, guys and gals, when have you ever known the Kaulitz clan to play by the rules or give good reasons for their rock-star antics?

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