08 septiembre 2008

Post Bunte.de: "We deserve a little break"

Awesome comeback for Britney Spears: at the 25th MTV Video Music Awards in Los Angeles she won in all 3 categories in which she was nominated. The German teen band Tokio Hotel are crowned Best New Artist.

“Tokio Hotel are stunned and totally flipping out”, tells there manager David Jost after the VMA’s on the phone, “We are gonna get drunk first”, Tom yells in the background, “regardless if I have to be 21 here in America to do that or not. The night is ours”. “They will have a quiet celebration”, Jost convinces, “they are decent boys”. Right now, the boys are freaking out. For the first time in the history of the MTV Video Music Awards a German band is nominated twice and then they also beat American superstars such as Miley Cyrus, Kate Perry, Jordan Sparks and Taylor Swift. Unbelievable! There entrance at the red carpet was really spectacular. Tokio Hotel came in a monster truck with big letters on the side which said “Tokio Hotel”.

The most beautiful birthday gift in the world

With “Ready, Set, Go” they approached the entrance of the legendary Paramount studios in Hollywood and then they jumped out of the trunk onto the red carpet. “Who are these crazy boys”, a US reporter wants to know, “the truck shines like the moon”. In America Tokio Hotel already have lots of fans but on the red carpet they are something new for the local press. Everyone is asking Bill about his big hair “It’s all real”, he laughs. “We aren’t nervous at all”, Tom claims to Bunte online, “we don’t expect to win”. “we are just happy our name is even mentioned in a category with Miley Cyrus”, Gustav ads, on his 20th birthday which is the most beautiful gift in his life. The award for “Best new Artist” was voted by just fans through sms.

“We are looking forward to see Pink”

Also Bill and Tom celebrated there birthday on the 1st of September in Los Angeles. “We just relaxed on the beach of Santa Monica, give our mind some peace and were kicking it with Gustav and Georg”, Bill reveals. What do they have to say about there double nomination? “We are terribly happy. It is a big honour for us. That we would stand on this carpet we would never have dreamt. You can’t describe it in words and everything I could say right now would be undervalued”, Bill tells, “It is really hard work to make it from Europe to America, but we feel really good about it right now”, Tom tells excited. And who are they looking forward to see at the VMA’s? “We really like Pink and are really looking forward to see her perform”, Bill reveals. Backstage the Pussycat dolls come in to congratulate them “We love these boys”, shouts lead pussycat doll Nicole Scherzinger.

“We deserve a little break”

In the next few days Tokio Hotel have an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show and then it’s back to Germany. “We wanna record a new album, make something new and be creative again. Then we will pull back a little from the spotlight” Bills gives away, “We have been on the road for 3 years and deserve a little break”. The fans will be sad.

And how do they explain the success in America? “We have thought about that long and hard but gave up on finding the answer. We just have been really lucky and are incredibly gratefull that we can experience this”, Bill answers. Now it is time to party first. After the VMA’s Tokio hotel went to the MTV After Party and celebrated hard and after that it was on to the Interscope Party in Santa Monica. Congratulations!

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