13 septiembre 2008

bill esta teniendo transtornos alimentarios? (aiaiai)

Bill Kaulitz - The stress is consuming him

The teenie idol is skinnier than ever. Is the Tokio Hotel singer suffering and eating disorder?

Hanging pants and hollow cheeks: In recent photos Bill Kaulitz looks unhealthily skinny that one question comes to surface: Is he anorexic? The Tokio Hotel star denies such: “Don’t worry about my eating habits.” Apparently he shovels down mounts of fast food, noodle casseroles and milk rice. But his reassurance over such back fires. Because: “It’s typical for anorexics to deny their illness.” Explains Dr. Thomas Kurscheid, a nutritional physician. “Sufferers have a warped body perception – they believe they’re too fat.” However, the 19 year old claims that he only weighs 50 kilos - too little for someone with the height of 1.77 m.

His underweight can also be from nature [Bill: “I was always so skinny!”] or a reaction to the stressful life in the limelight, the results of energy taking performances and tours. However, the expert assumes it’s a psychological problem: “Bill’s life is controlled from managers. No wonder that he at least wants to keep the control over his own weight...”

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