04 febrero 2016

Ppcorn.com - Tokio Hotel: 5 Wild Facts You Didn’t Know


If you were around in 2007, you are probably, at least, aware of Tokio Hotel’s track “Monsoon.” If you would hear it, you’d probably recognize it, anyway. There’s no doubt that the band is completely edgy, wonderfully musical, and awesomely poetic at times. However, there are quite a number of things that not even die-hard fans know. Here are 5 wild facts about Tokio Hotel that you didn’t know about.

Number Five: They’ve Caught People in the Act. Like any other musical artist/band, Tokio Hotel goes on tour, and in the process of doing so, they, of course, rest and situate themselves in a hotel (pun intended). One time, the band caught a couple having sex in a balcony opposite their room. The band never found out if the couple realized that famous musicians had caught them, but either way, it is a pretty entertaining idea.

Number Four: They Turn Down Drugs. Unlike many musical artists who break down in the pressure of consuming drugs, Tokio Hotel never does. In fact, fans have even sent the boys drugs in the mail. The band responded by deposing of them altogether. They are not advocates of a drug-abusing life, that is for sure. We commend them for that.

Number Three: Their Fans Get Them into Trouble. It is certainly no new idea that fans can be quite just that: fanatic. In the case of Tokio Hotel, however, that fanaticism reaches a whole new level. Bill Kaulitz, the band’s singer, was once dragged out of his hotel room by his fans. He was even almost arrested by the police, even though the fiasco wasn’t even his fault. Thankfully, it didn’t go that far. In another instance, a fan tried to prevent Gustav Schaefer, the band’s drummer, from leaving their hotel room by being naked in the band’s room. The life of a musician is often crazy, but in the case of Tokio Hotel, it wasn’t because of them.

Number Two: They Weren’t Always Tokio Hotel. Despite the youthful appearance of its band members, Tokio Hotel has been around for 15 years. When it was founded, though, it was known by another name: Devilish.

Number One: They’re Award Winners. If you’re a Tokio Hotel fan, then this fact shouldn’t be any surprise. After all, all of their fans highly respect and admire the band’s work. For those less savvy in all things Tokio Hotel, the band has won more than 100 musical awards, including titles such as “Best Band (2007)” “Album of the Year (2010)” and “Best Artist From The World (2015).”

Source: http://ppcorn.com/us/2016/02/02/tokio-hotel-5-wild-facts-you-didnt-know/#ixzz3z2iIIoEa

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